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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fairy School: Hide and Peep by Gail Herman

Hide and Peep (Fairy School)

Title: Fairy School: Hide And Peep
Series: Fairy School
Author: Gail Herman   
Genre: Childrens Book, Chapter Book
Publisher: Skylark
Received: From Swap site
Release Date: June 2000
Pages: 80

What is it About?

The little fairies at Fairy School have a new homework assignment which is taking care of there very own special baby animal.  Since Trina does best at school she thinks this task should be easy if only her chick would act normal.  

My Thoughts:

Trina is having problems keeping her homework, a baby chick in line with the other baby chicks.

I thought this to be an adorable little tale of things going not as planned.  Poor little Trina tries her best to get her chick to eat things a regular baby chick would eat , play like a regular chick and sleep like one as well.   He does  every but what the book tells her he should.  Trina learns the hard way that even books can’t tell you how to do everything.  

Wonderful little thought out experience from Fairy School series!


There is a but I can not tell if this a official site or not.

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