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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fairy Realm #1 - The Charm Bracelet by Emily Rodda

Fairy Realm #1: The Charm Bracelet

Title: Fairy Realm #1: The Charm Bracelet
Series: Fairy Realm
Author: Emily Rodda
Genre: Childrens Book, Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Hapercollin Publishers
Received: From Swap Site
Release Date: April 2003
Pages: 128

What is it About?
Jessie’s Grandmother is sick and Jessie and her mother must take care of her for a while.
Strange animals and creatures start to appear in the garden as Jessie Grandmother begans to  forget things.

My Thoughts:

The artwork for each chapter is so detailed and stunning. I love looking at it.  

The story of Jessie’s grandmother getting sick and her mother bringing her so they can take care of her is a believable story mixed into a land of fantasy.   

When Jessie enters The Fairy Realm it seems more like a dream then reality and while connected to Jessie’s grandmother and family it just seems like an unlikely story.   Yes, I know it is fantasy and a children’s book but something was missing in that step to keep the stories intertwined.
This book didn’t leave me begging to know more but curious to know what the rest of the series is like.  It does leave many unanswered questions which I guess is why it is a series.  I felt in some ways this book could have been long or more detailed in some places but yet too descriptive in others.


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Anonymous said...

The best thing about those books are the illustrations, aren't they! =D