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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Suki The Very Loud Bunny by Carmella and Steven D'Amico

Title: Suki, The Very Loud Bunny
Series: Don’t know but it should be
Authors: Carmella and Steven D’Amico
Genre: Children’s Book, Picture Book, Easter, Spring
Publisher: Dutton                                     
Received: I do not own one
Release Date: Jan 2011
Pages: 32

What is it About?
Suki the young bunny is not like her other bunny siblings she likes to splash in puddles and play loudly drawing attention to herself and that is just not the bunny way.

My Thoughts:
Suki the bunny, not being like her siblings she is very loud and jumps in puddles.  I thought it to be adorable.

I think the adventure that Suki goes on is one every child does in a way. She separates herself from her mother and siblings to just wonder where ever she wants.  Of course she gets scared and has to find her way home but she learns that the way she is even if she is different is okay.

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Jenny said...

Don't you just love kids books? And A bunny book just in time for Easter. Fun!

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

Why yes I do just love kids books. Look for another bunny book tomorrow. :-)