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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Shack by Wm. P. Young

Title: The Shack   
Author: Wm. Paul Young
Genre: Christian Fiction, General Fiction
Publisher:  Windblown Media                                        
Received: Bought for Book Club
Release Date: May 2007
Pages: 248   

What is it About?
A father who’s daughter mysteriously disappears during a family vacation. As he mourns her loss of presence.  Evidence is found that she was murdered.  Still grieving he receives a letter from someone who signs God and asks him to come back to the shack in the woods.

My Thoughts:
The fictional tale of Mackenzie Allen Phillips younger daughter and the tale of her possible murder is heart breaking and sickening to the soul which is why Mackenzie still grieves what he can not get back . The sudden note from God is a blessing undisguised.

I loved the story so much I really wish some of it to be true.  I don’t want to get on a tangent on my thoughts of God but this tale does leave you with hopeful heart.




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NotoriousSpinks said...

I own this book and have to get around to reading it. Great review.