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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nurse Vaccine by Justin Noble

Title: Nurse Vaccine   
Series: The Body Village
Author: Justin Noble
Genre: Children’s Book, Picture Book
Publisher: Justin Noble                                
Received: From Author for Review
Release Date:  2010   
Pages: 29

What is it  About?
Different parts of the body are imagined as separate identities and the brain has to announce that they are getting a flu-shot.

My Thoughts:
First impression was that I thought this to be a little strange really.. it’s different. I see that boys might like it more but I can also see that any child might find it funny for different body parts talking to each other. Like Raymond Brain talking to Betty Bladder about the last time they were sick.

It is kind of silly and informative for younger children in a way that helps them learn about their bodily functions.

I thought to be different  but not a bad way just imaginative and maybe a little strange.

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