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Friday, April 29, 2011

How To See Faeries by John Matthews and Brian Froud

Title: How To See Faeries
Authors:John Matthews and Brian Froud
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher:   Abrahms. Harry Inc     
Received: I do not own
Release Date: April 2011

What is it About?

This is not a new age book on how to see faeries.  This is a fantasy book with art and fun pull out and lift ups for children or adults.

My Thoughts:

This book is fun for all ages.  The front cover is a hologram image and like the book is fun to look at.  These are one of those book with pull tabs and lift the flaps.   

I would recommend you buy through online because these are the type of books that are fun to look at, at the stores but everyone looks at them so they have some wear and tear.  If you buy through online it will probably be in good shape.  

You really can not go wrong with any kind of faerie book that has Froud art.  If you are fan of faeries then you love the art already.


John Matthews

Brian Froud

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