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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Faerie Path by Frewin Jones

Title: The Faerie Path   
Series: The Faerie Path#1
Author:Frewin Jones
Genre: Teen, Fantasy
Publisher:  Eos     
Received: Through a swap site
Release Date:     February 2007

What is it About?

Anita and her boyfriend Evan go on a romantic boat ride in England..then something strange happens accident.   Evan disappears and Anita grows wings or so she thought.  Everything is not what it seems even in Anita’s or should I say Tania’s world.

My Thoughts:

From beginning to finish I enjoyed this book.  It is a bit girly not just because of it being about Faerie but the mention of parallel between Romeo and Juliet.   Evan/Elrich mentions many time that Juliet is the sun meaning Anita/Tania is his sun or so it appears at first.

So there is romance, faeries, and danger what more could a girl ask for.  Not much really.  I will be enjoying the next couple books from this series.


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