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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to Be A Flower Fairy by Frederick Warne


Title: How to be a Flower Fairy
Series: Flower Fairy Friends
Author: Frederick Warne
Genre: Children’s Book , Activity Set
Publisher: Penguin Books                                              
Received: Book swapping site
Release Date: April 2005

What is it About?
It is a mini activity book w/ set of wings and many other things on how to be a flower fairy.

My Thoughts:

In many ways this reminds me of a mini version of the Fairyopolis books that came out with the pop up, lift the tabs and pixie dust.  References fairies and there nature.   This book is like that but smaller and has a tiny pair of wings for a youngin’

There are little poems about the fairies that are based on the illustrations of Cicely Mary Barker and there are notes and cute lite popups to make a girl giggle with glee.

Although I got the book through a swap it was missing some things like how to make invisible ink which I thought sounded cool!  Very cute book  and wings that would make a little girl feel like a flower fairy.

How to be a Flower Fairy (reissue) (Flower Fairies)


Robyn said...

Sounds like something my stepdaughter might like, who went through a phrase not that long ago where she clearly wanted very much to believe in fairies. Lately she's on to dragons and other monters.

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

@ Robyn I would offer it to you but it missing some things. The wings are so tiny and cute though. They are fine. I have it up on Goodreads to swap but as I said it a little beat up.