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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Salon - A Bookish Life 9/5/10

I have gotten a little more reading these weeks but still haven’t finished one of the five books I am reading.  I hope to get “Devil In The White City” by Erik Larson done.  It is actually a book my book club was reading a couple of months ago.  Yeah I am really behind on the book club thing.  We meet every first Thursday of the month and right now we are reading “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett, which is pretty cool.

Also speaking of Terry Prachett we went to our local Walmart and for $9.00 we picked up two movies made in the U.K.  based on Prachett’s books of the Discworld.   The first one Color of Magic starring Sean Astin and other U.K. actor’s I don’t remember.  Color of Magic is two parts we watched the first part and I was really surprise that they gave the movie a pretty good budget,  
I liked it. The second movie is called Hogfather.

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In Author News

I forgot to share these pics from May when I went to a book event featuring author Charlaine Harris.

The pictures are not that great but the event was very entertaining, especially since Ms. Harris has great charisma.

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readerbuzz said...

I am adding Color of Magic to my queue at Blockbuster. Terry Pratchett is amazing.

And I'm a new follower!

I'm hoping to read most of today.

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