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Monday, September 6, 2010

Journey Into Tomorrow by Veronica Camille Tinto

Title: Journey Into Tomorrow
Series: none
Author(s): Veronica Camille Tinto
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: AuthorHouse                                              
Received: From  Bostick Communications for review purposes.
Release Date:     May 26, 2010
Finished: Sept  6, 2010
Pages: 132
Challenges: None

My Thoughts:
These poems are reflections on the author’s life as she’s dealt with the hardships of a bad divorce and being a single mom.
The poetry is very strong. And if you have been through any hardships in life, you have probably asked the same question Ms. Tinto is asking. In one of the poems, the author says (paraphrasing): Send whatever wickedness you have, and I will be the buoy in the ocean. I felt that was a strong metaphor.
My only issue with the poems was that more then half of them start ed by a question. I understand he author wrote this looking for answers but I think some of the poems should have been edited better to bring out the voice and originality of the author.

About the Author: This is the first book for Veronica Camille Tinto. She has studied Psychology and is a mother. Visit her official site at


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