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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sweet Misfortune by Kevin Alan Milne

Title: Sweet Misfortune
Series: None
Author(s): Kevin Alan Milne
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Center Street
Received: Received from Megan at Goldberg McDuffie Communications
Release Date: June 10, 2010
Finished: June 2010
Pages: 288
Challenges: None

My Thoughts: Sophie has had much misery in her life.  Her parents are dead, her fiance canceled their wedding a week before, and now her ex-fiance is back and wants a second chance to explain himself. Sophie is not buying it and gives her ex, Garrett, a task she believes will never get done. She is in for a few surprises.

I liked so many things in this book. The characters are all likable and make the story so enjoyable you don't want to finish. I also found it inspiring and uplifting.

After her misfortunes, Sophie did turn her sadness into something better. She believed that her parents death was her fault, even though she was only a little girl who wanted piece of chocolate. But she eventually started a chocolate shop.  After her wedding was canceled, Sophie came up with misfortune cookies - just like fortune cookies, except they taste bad and have not-so-nice fortunes. They turn out to be a huge hit. The job Sophie gives Garret is to find 100 reasons for happiness.  He has to put an ad in a newspaper and the answers are sent to her P.O. Box. Happiness comes flying in.

As the story nears the end, you'll never guess where it ends up going. My husband said it sounds like chick lit, but  I don't feel like it is chick lit. When I have read books I consider chick lit, those have a dumb-downed feeling. This feels very different. This book is fun, exciting, inspiring and heartwarming.

About the Author: Kevin Alan Milne studied just about every subject in college. (law, medicine, science, etc.). He and his wife are the proud parents of 5 children. This the Kevin's third book, the other two being The Paperbag Christmas and The Nine Lessons.& Visit his website,


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