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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aurora Of The Northern Lights by Holly Hardin

Title: Aurora of the Northern Lights
Series: None
Author(s) :Holly Hardin
Genre: Children's Picture Book
: Outskirts Press
Received: Received from Bostick Communications
Release Date: January 1, 1997
Finished: July 22, 2009
Pages: 32
Challenges: None

My Thoughts: Aurora of the Northern Lights is not entirely about Aurora - half the book is about Aurora's mother and father. Of course, there would be no Aurora if her mother and father had not met.  Unfortunately she loses them and finds she is not wanted in the green land she was born in because she is different. So she travels to find her place and other Northern Fey.

I am not real sure how I feel about this one. The first read through was was a little exciting and mysterious because I didn't know where the story was going, and the art is beautiful. Reading it a second time, my focus moved to Aurora being 7 years old and feeling out of place because no one likes her,.
I think, for the most part, if I were a child I would be captivated with the pictures and characters. Children usually hold on to that exciting feeling when it is first read. I did really like it. I guess I just shouldn't look to deep.
This could also be consider a Christmas book but think it could be read all year long.

About the Author: This the first book for Holly Hardin. You can visit her website at

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