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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly Geeks - Comments

Commenting. It can be a fun way to connect to your readers. It can be the a source of frustration as a blogger. A comment can make your day. A comment can cause an argument. Today let's talk commenting.

Do you have a commenting policy? For example:

*Do reply to all comments? If you do, how do you do it? Email? On the blog?
*Do you use moderation?
*How do you handle trolls? Flaming?
*How much do you tolerate from a belligerent commenter before you close or delete comments?

Have you ever gotten a comment from someone you admire? An author? A superstar blogger (the ones with the book deals)?

How do you feel about author comments? Are they welcome or do they make you nervous?

Word verification? Yay or nay.

And then there's spam. How do we combat the evil that is spam?

Talk about your experiences with any of the above. Share your wisdom with other bloggers. What works on your blog? What doesn't?

If you are feeling brave, try something new and report on it later in the week (a new commenting widget or spam catcher. These will vary depending on your blog).

Or write a commenting policy, even if no one sees it but you.

Or comment on some blogs you've never commented on before. 

As always, take this prompt and make it your own.

Comment button from The Vintage Moth.
Comments.... how I love thee.
Let me count the ways.

1.Comments bring me joy... well except the spammers. ( Speaking of spammers I am the only one who gets the the poetry spammer or Chinese writing. Just curious.)  I love any comments. Even the little ones that the person may think it is a generic post because they can't think of anything that doesn't matter I still love those comments.  Getting one makes me do my happy dance.

2. Surprise Comments - These are the ones I least expect and they are probably the ones from authors  or illustrators who I find a review or comment I made about there book. 

Well there is probably more but I can't think of any.

There is one thing I like least about comments and that is that I don't leave enough on other blogs.  I always have hard time thinking of what to say.  Does any one else get comment writer's block?


Lahni said...

I don't get chinese spam but I always get russian spam!

dArLyN said...

like you, i love comments from others. somehow i think what i did on my blog there's someone out there who like/ dont like about mine.

i try to reply every comments on my comment post and later i will visit them and leave comment on their latest entry at very least. i also do my best on visiting everyone who follow my blog and later the blog i follow..that's way i make my blogging efforts is something worth. *LOL*

Erotic Horizon said...

I am like Darlyn as well - I always reply to comment and tend to give a courtesy visit to commenters blog/site...

I get thhe Russian spam - and as long as they go into the spam folder, I dont give it another thought...


pussreboots said...

I don't think I've gotten a poetry spammer. But I do get them from China, Japan and Russia.

Heidi V said...

Aww..I'm so glad that someone else gets comment writer's block! I get the Arabic spammer and the pill one.

gautami tripathy said...

I too get comment block sometimes! LOL!

Weekly Geeks: Commenting

Megan said...

I can't say that I've gotten any poetry spam, but it seems like I'm always getting Asian language spam. Or at least I presume it's spam since I can't read it. ;-)

I'm definitely up and down when it comes to making decent comments on blogs. Some days I'm on fire and I comment on lots of blogs, sometimes I feel like I can't think of worthwile enough thing to say to even bother clicking out of my reader, even if the post I just read was awesome. Weird how that is, really.

Care said...

Oh yes, I always feel like I'm not witty enough to leave a comment. But then, we usually are so overjoyed to get comments, we don't really evaluate the content, do we? Unless it's.... SPAM.
I get a lot of the spammers trying to sell essay-writing services. I mean, really - WHO would to that? and they make me laugh because they are so so ungrammatical. (is that spelled right?!)

Chris said...

I've gotten the Chinese character ones and also in Russian. Not poetry though. You must be special! :)