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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Salon - Bookish Parts Of Life

I haven't done a post on Sunday in a while and I have been meaning to do more I just get stuck in a circle laziness.

I have been trying not to buy books or request to many arcs because I am over whelmed with books to read. Although there are a few arcs that make it threw. We haven't had any trips to the book store in weeks since my husband hurt his knee from a bad fall on the ice.  Not making the trip means less urge to buy books.  So that means we have saved some money.

This week I did not finish any books. That might change tonight while I read Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris.  I am enjoying a lot which surprised me because before I read the book I had seen one episode of True Blood and I wasn't impressed.  Now that I am almost finished I may watch more of  True Blood again.

So far this week  I have 4 books to review.  I need one more for Friday which will probably be a children's book,  maybe the picture book that takes place in Haiti.

I will announce the winner of Signed book The Adventures of Snip in Oregon by Betty S. Moir tomorrow (Monday) and I will announce another Giveaway for the month of March.

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