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Monday, June 8, 2009

Review - Michael Recycle Meets Littrebug Doug by Ellie Bethel and Alexandra Columbo

Title: Michael Recycle Meets Doug Litterbug
Series:: Michael Recycle
Author(s)::Ellie Bethel and Alexandra Columbo
Genre:: Children Book , Picture Book
Publisher:Worthwhile Books
Release Date: March 29th 2009
Finished: May 5th 2009
Pages: 32

My Thoughts: In this sequel to Michael Recycle, he meets Litterbug Doug, a kid who doesn't want to be clean or recycle. Basically Michael Recycle is the good guy, and Litterbug Doug is the bad guy. The good guy reforms the bad guy, and all is well. I felt like I had heard this story before, and the prose in some areas didn't work for me. I haven't read the first Michael Recycle, so I don't know how that one reads, but I had hoped for more originality considering the subject of the book.

About the Author: I could not find anything on the authors. Let me know if any one has any other info and I will add it here.

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Karen W said...

Hello. Here's some info regarding the authors:

About Ellie Bethel: Ellie Bethel, like Peter Pan, never really wanted to grow up. Unfortunately, these things happen, and in a desperate attempt to slow the process of time Ellie immerses herself regularly in children’s books, despite not being a child anymore. She practically eats books. In this way, Ellie's brain has become so jam-packed with stories that sometimes they spill over. She was eleven when her first poem was published and following that she scribbled her way through her teenage years. Ellie has lived all over the place, including Belize, Spain, New York . . . but has now swapped bright lights for the quiet life in a quaint fishing village in Kent, England. Her first children’s book, Michael Recycle, was published to great acclaim in March 2008.

About Alexandra Colombo: Alexandra Colombo studied illustration at the Milan European Institute of Design, receiving a first-class degree in 2002. Her great passion is writing and illustrating poems, books, and fairytales. She has illustrated several books for publishers around the world, including Michael Recycle, Tooth Troubles, A New School for Paul Bunyan, The Gift of Fire, and Up in the Tree.