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Monday, June 8, 2009

Creativity Today #2 - Ritual

This Week's Exercise was to create a ritual and do something to make the day feel special this
exercise will last the first three days. The Ritual was to drink a cup of tea in the morning and
cup at night. When you drink it say "I have always dreamed of _______." Fill in the blank with
what ever you want to be when you grow up. And then think through the reasons you may or may not
be able too.

My Morning

The Tea: Scotish Breakfast Tea (no milk, no sugar)

"I have always dreamed of becoming a singer"

I don't talk about this on much because it is not as domiant as it use to be. I find very hard to
sing in front of people. I use to be in chorus in middle school and high school but when standing
next to someone and I had to sing wasn't going to happen so I mostly mouthed the words. I actually
tried out for a play in highschool I went to sing the song I suppose to which was Happy Birthday I
got so nervous my voice cracked really bad throughtout the tryout. So i guess biggest thing is the
fear of not doing well.

My Evening

The Tea: Scotish Breakfast Tea (w/milk & sugar)

"I always dreamed of becoming famous"

Yeah I am that shallow but some ways I think everyone thinks about being famous. I just want to be
known for doing something good or something that inspires people. It's a wish. I have always
been the dreamer.

Tomorrow: More tea?

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