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Monday, May 4, 2009

Review - The Sock Fairy by Bobbie Hinman

Title: The Sock Fairy
Series:: Best Fairy Books
Author(s):: Bobbie Hinman
Genre:: Children's Picture Book
Summary: A children's book about what the sock fairy does with your socks.
Finished: 04/7/09
Pages: 32
Challenges: none

My Thoughts: What a charming book! Did you ever wonder what happens to your missing socks? Why they get holes? Or why they get mismatched? The sock fairy knows why.

I picked this book up because I had read The Knot Fairy, also by Hinman, and really enjoyed it. This is beautifully illustrated, and, like The Knot Fairy, its childlike, whimsical feelings come through. And also like The Knot Fairy, it comes with a CD that has a song about The Sock Fairy and a reading of the book.

About the Author: Bobbie Hinman is the author of three children's books: The Knot Fairy, The Sock Fairy and, soon-to-be released, The Belly Button Fairy.

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