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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review - Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Title: Eclipse
Series:: Twilight Series
Author(s):: Stephenie Meyer
Genre:: Fantasy, Young Adult
Summary: Bella is in trouble again and needs protection from rabid newborn vampires.
Finished: 05/08/09
Pages: 629
Challenges: Vampire Challenge

My Thoughts: Bella and Edward love each other, Jacob loves Bella, and Bella loves Jacob in a different way. A whole nice love triangle. This time around mortal enemies Edward, the vampire, and Jacob, the werewolf team up to protect Bella from an army of vampires.

My favorite scene took place in the winter, when Bella had to hide out in the woods. Jacob was the only one who could keep Bella warm, since vampires aren't known to be very warm. Edward and Jacob talk while Bella is sleeping -- I like any time Jacob and Edward talked because Edward can read Jacobs mind. I also didn't mind Jacob as much in this book. He grew on me, unlike in New Moon, the last book.

A lot of people complain about this book, saying Edward is overprotective of Bella. I really didn't mind those scenes as much. The relationship seemed fine to me.

I enjoyed this one. It has me prepared for the next book, Breaking Dawn. There is lots of Jacob, and I don't mind so much.

About the Author: Stephanie Meyer is the author of 5 books. Four being the Twilight series. Her first book, Twilight, has been made into a movie. The second, New Moon, is due in theaters this summer.

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