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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Review - Wicked Game by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush

Title: Wicked Game

Series:: None

Author(s):: Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush

Genre:: Mystery/Romance

Summary: In a sleepy little Oregon town, high school friends reunite to discuss their missing classmate, Jessie, 20 years ago. When a body is found that is thought to be hers, one of the friends, a reporter, investigates Jessie's life. But as she gets too close to the mystery, one by one her friends start getting killed.

Finished: 04/22/09

Pages: 384

Challenges: none


My Thoughts: Everyone is pretty sure the body is Jezebel "Jessie" Brentwood, including her high school friends. One of those friends, Becca, has been having visions of Jessie ever since the body was found. Little does Becca know, someone wants her dead because of her connection to the dead girl. This was a thrilling book. It even gave me dreams at one point, and not good ones. I realize now I've gotten to the end that it wasn't that scary, but there was a good amount of scare. The love story between Becca and Hudson was my favorite part. From the start, you want them to get together. I also found the storyline about the Colony, it's a Cult, interesting. Lisa Jackson stated at the end of the book that there where more books about the Colony, and I'd like to read them. This one was pretty decent.

About the Author: Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush are sisters. This is their first book together, but they have written many separately. To visit Lisa Jackson, go here To visit Nancy Bush, go here


Belle said...

This one sounds like a good read.

Nicole said...

I usually like to read books that have cults in them. I find them fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Ever read Marion Zimmer Bradley's Dark Satanic?