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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review - Call Me Marianne by Jen Bryant

Title: Call Me Marianne

Series:: None

Author(s):: Jen Bryant

Genre:: Children's Picture Book

Summary: A Young Boy takes a bus trip on a bus to the zoo, where he meets poet Marianne Moore. They talk about animals and writing.

Finished: 04/7/09

Pages: 32

Challenges: none


My Thoughts: This picture book is about a little boy meeting poet Marianne Moore at at a zoo. I found it less interesting than most picture books. It just seemed a little boring. The boy meets Marianne after she loses her hat. She then walks with him through the zoo and tells him about being a poet. But there was nothing fun about that, except maybe that they were at a zoo. Even that seemed tedious, though. One of Jen Bryant's better book is Abe's Fish, about Abraham Lincoln, which I reviewed also.

About the Author: Jen Bryant is a mother, writer and poet. Check out her and her books at

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