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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Review - Of Dreams And Realities by Dr. Frank L. Johnson

Title: Of Dreams and Realities
Author(s):: Dr. Frank L. Johnson
Genre:: Poetry
Summary: From the back of the book: "Of Dreams and Realities is a splendid new collection of poems that proves insightful in it's reach and elemental in it's grasp. The collection is industrious and sly--a bit of hardworking magic in the everyday subtleties of life."
Finished: 04/12/09
Pages: 44
Challenges: none

My Thoughts: This is the first grownup poetry book I have ever reviewed, so let me say a little bit about what kind of poetry I like. I like poetry that tells a clear story, not something you have to breakdown and analyze every sentence. I tend to like love poems--something I just realized after reading this. This book has what I like. My favorite was the first poem, "Accidentally on Purpose". The rest of the poetry was good, not great but good.

About the Author: Dr. Frank L. Johnson lives in Virginia and has won awards for his poetry. This is his first book.


Anonymous said...

I liked this one too =)

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