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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Review - It Sucked And Then I Cried by Heather B. Armstrong

Title: It Sucked And Then I Cried
Author(s):: Heather B. Armstrong
Genre:: Biography
Summary: Memoir of Heather B. Armstrong as she becomes a first time mother, has a breakdown, and gets through it all.
Finished: 04/12/09
Pages: 256
Challenges: none

My Thoughts: Heather Armstrong gives us a funny and truthful look into her life as a first time mother.

After her baby's birth, Armstrong suffered from Postpartum depression and spent a short stay in a mental hospital. While I enjoyed all of the book, I could not truly relate to her role as mother, as I am not one. But I related deeply to her battle with depression, trying many different medications until something worked, and her stay in the mental hospital. It was hopeful to see she found a doctor who got her on the right medication and helped her through the tough time.

Reading this book, I became a fan of Heather's humorous writing and started visiting her blog, which I had never heard. I think this is a book, and a blog, everyone could enjoy.

About the Author: Heather B. Armstrong is a mother and blogger. This is her second book, the first being Things I Learned About My Dad In Therapy. You can Visit her blog at


Janel said...

I just listened to a podcast interview with this author. It sounds like she takes on some serious topics with a lot of humor. Thanks for the review, I'm adding it to my wish list.

Megan said...

I just finished this book and I LOVED IT!!! I have been walking around telling people about it all day. She shows a real side to pregnancy that alot of people are afraid to bring up, like just because you are pregnant and wanted to be that way doesn't necessarily mean that you have to like all of the things that come with it! Thanks Heather, for all of it.