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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Review - The Nixie's Song by Holly Black

Title: The Nixie's Song
Series:: Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles
Author(s):: Holly Black
Genre:: Children's Book

Summary: Two children find a mythical Nixie in a pond near their house. The nixie wants to find her sisters and needs help.

Finished: 03/1/09

Pages: 162
Challenges: 20 Books in 2009 (20)

My Thoughts: A little creepy at times because the main characters couldn't really trust any of the magical creatures or the people involved. Humorous at other times. I especially liked the breaking of the fourth wall. I am not sure if I liked it better than the orginal Spiderwick Chronicles or about the same. In all, it was a good short story and I will be reading the rest of the new series.

About the Author: Holly Black has written 3 teen books, 1 graphic novel and 6 other children's books. She lives in Massachusetts.


Jen said...

Thanks for the review. Magical creatures sortof freak me out as well, because who knows if they can be trusted or not (I'd lean towards not trusting anything magical)

Wanda said...

My 8 y.o. daughter loves all the Spiderwick books and is anxiously waiting for the 3rd Beyond Chronicle...

Cool review. :)