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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review - Magic Muddle by Margaret Ryan

Title: Magic Muddle
Series:: Airy Fairy
Author(s):: Margaret Ryan
Genre:: Children's Chapter Book
Summary: A bumbling, clumsy fairy tries to make it through fairy school. In this one, she participate in the Fairy Olympics.
Finished: 03/16/09
Pages: 80
Challenges: none

My Thoughts: Again, another typical fairy book where we have one bad fairy, one good fairy who is a little clumsy, and the good fairy's friends. I think it is a typical setting for most girl's chapter books. This one did have some differences to it. I liked that it was very detailed in describing what was going on in the story. There seemed to be a lot to tell, but because of the typical typecasting of the characters, it can be a boring read if you've read others like it, for example "Fairy School" by Gail Herman or the "Zoe the Fairy" books

About the Author: Margaret Ryan writes and lives in Scotland. She has written at least 6 Airy Fairy books.

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