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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review - Lily Pesky Plant by Kristen Larsen

Title: Lily's Pesky Plant
Series:: Disney Fairies
Author(s):: Kristen Larsen
Genre:: Children's Chapter Book
Summary: Lily the Garden fairy finds an unknown seed that turns into a plant and causes trouble for all of Pixie Hollow
Finished: 03/16/09
Pages: 110
Challenges: none

My Thoughts: After reading other fairy books, this one is a delight. There is such originality in the way these Disney fairy books are written. Sure, you still have some typical characters like other fairy books, but many of the characters in these aren't so typical. They have more depth. Like the "mean" fairy Vidia, who really isn't that mean all the time. And Disney fairies aren't that clumsy. They do get into trouble, but that is the fun of these books. For example, in this one Lily, a garden fairy, finds a seed that she does not recognize. The plant grows to look ugly, smell ugly, and everything about it seems bad. But Lily still cares for the plant and knows that it is happy. This story is an example of how you can find true beauty in everything.

About the Author: Kristen Larsen is the writer of many children books including some Dora the Explorer and Lizzie McGuire books.

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