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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Write on Wednesday - Why do I do what I do?

How about you? How do you find positive things to write about in these troubled times? Do you think the written word has the power to effect positive change?

I tend to lean towards the negative when I write in my journal. When I write stories it is all positive. I don't reread what I write in my journal, usually, and when I do it like reading another person journal at times. Do I think what I write has any effect on any one. Not really. I have hard time thinking I have any effect on anyone. It is the kind of question that I have come to not think about often because it leads me to more questions then answers. I suffer from depression and low self esteem so when I think about why I do something leads me to ... I don't know why.... Which leads me to what is the point in doing it? I don't know why... I guess to make me happy. Does what I write here or anywhere make a difference to someone? I find it hard to believe that little old me makes difference but I guess that is the low self esteem. My husband says that what I do with this blog makes others happy who read it. I just know I do it because I like it (most of the time) and because it feels productive since I have alot of time in the day and it is better then sleep. Whether it effect you the reader ...well it would be nice if I did have a good effect on you but I kinda doubt whether I effect anything through out your day or your life.


bookfool said...

I'm not sure that your blog has an actual effect on me, but I must like reading it, or I wouldn't have seen your post. I think I'm almost the opposite of you. Sort of a cockeyed optimist. My sister always says I live in "Kelly Land", and I sort of do. I tend to get annoyed by all the negative reporting and the gross exaggeration really tweaks me out of shape. If I hear one more time, "The economy is the worst since the depression", I'm gonna smack somebody. NO its not, stop trying to scare the bejeebers out of us all. Its the worst since the early '80's yes, but we're not even close to the depression era! I get so tired of the news media and our leaders, (both parties) trying to make us afraid to live our lives and enjoy ourselves that I pretty much have turned off the news except for a few minutes a day. Who needs all that negativity? It just breeds more.

I think your blog is great, your reviews are insightful, and your writing style is interesting. (BTW--me? I just do it for the free books. Who'd thunk all ya' had to do was ask nice and books would rain down from the this a great thing or what??....)

gautami tripathy said...

Negative or postive, writing is important. For me, poetry is very important. It keeps me sane!


Anonymous said...

In reference to the main question, I feel like no matter what's going on in the world, writing can help. Either you're writing to entertain, which helps people get along, or you're writing about the problems with an eye to fixing them. Either way, I think writing itself, communicating, is always an important thing to be doing.

If you write something, it may not effect positive change, or it may. There have certainly been enough books and articles that changed the world in the past. If you don't write at all, though, then there's no chance to effect any positive change.

Becca said...

The fact that you're using writing to overcome some tough feelings and times is very inspiring to me. So yes, I have been rewarded and inspired by your blog today :)

Thanks for sharing!

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

Bookfool - Thank you you speak truth and yes the free book perk is great! :-D

gautami - I don't know if writing keeps me sane sometimes I think it can make me go insane at times.

Dear Husband (ahem I mean Anonymous) You make an interesting point. Next time sign in I like to show you off. ;-)

Becca - Thank you that is sweet. I hope I can keep you interested. :-)