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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Award - Your Blog is Fabulous from Books by TJBaff

Thanks so much to Tamara at Books by TJBaff for giving me this awards. I am honored and excited that my blog was one of your picks. I swear I was following you blog and it kicked me off following some how. Well now I am a follower again. I recommend you visit Tamara's site she is very sweet.

the details of this award are simple just write 5 things that you are addicted to and name 5 other blogs to pass it on to.

1. My husband. Completely addicted to being with him talking to him. I am lost with out him. And he feels the same about me. 13 years and counting.

2. Collecting Books. I have two TBR piles and should really stop because I am running out of

3. Painting wooden boxes. I can't stop painting and also running out of room to put them. Maybe I will start selling them.

4. Coming up with new ideas of stuff to do. I am always thinking of something crafy or creative to do but I have to learn how to finish so of these things too.

5. Chocolate. I hoard it even from my husband some times. That's bad. lol

Pass along the award

1. J. Kaye's Book Blog - Love this blog. Aways updating aways coming up with new ideas to promote others.

2. I think Becky's Book Reviews is pretty well known among us book bloggers. I love her new look on her blog. It's looks like a present wrapped up for everyone.

3. Sally's Book Critiques is the place to be for some good giveaways and some wonderful Christian Book Reviews.

4.Janel's Jumble is the bloggings of another sweet person. She talks about books and some of her beading work.

5.This a blog I just found BookWormz. I love the idea she came up for bookmarkers. So smart and cute.


BookWormz said...

Thanks for the aware, Confuzzled! :) I filled mine out - you can find my post here!

Smilingsal said...

Wow, Shannon! Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate this award.

Wanda said...

Congrats Shannon! I passed this award on to you as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much! You have really made my day and it's been a crazy one :)