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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shannon's Review - Ralphina the Roly - Poly

Title:: Ralphina the Roly-Poly
Series:: None
Author(s):: Claudia Chandler
Genre:: Children's Picture Book
Summary: Ralphina the Roly-Poly bug wants to play with the neighborhood boy. She tries to get his attention, and teaches him about Roly-Poly bugs along the way.

Pages: 26
Challenges:20 Books in 2009(5)
Finished: 01/13/2009

My Thoughts:
Wonderful and colorful illustrations. Cute story. I am just not sure how interesting a story about a roly-poly bug is. I did learn some things about roly-polies that I didn't know. (For example, roly-poly bugs are related to crustaceans.) But the way the story was told didn't really flow right; it starts with no oomph and ends abruptly.

About the Author: Claudia Chandler is illustrator and educator of elementary students. I believe this to be the first book by her. To see more about her and her creations you may go to

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