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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where Are You Tuesday?

Where Are You Tuesday is a event held every Tuesday at raidergirl at Adventures in Reading.
I am on an island traveling back to my village,imagine looks something like above. I have just spent 30 days alone on the island as a rite of passage to become a man.

As I swim in a canoe to my village. Water level rises and smoke and fire are in the air. The Fire God is angry .

I reach my village looking for welcome arms and find nothing but this is just the beginning of my tale. (Nation by Terry Pratchett)


Shana said...

Shannon, great pictures and narrative.

I am really looking forward to Nation.

Ruth said...

That second photo of the wave is amazing!

I'm visiting New Orleans right now, learning all about hope and recovery in Jason F. Wright's Recovering Charles.