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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Review - A Friend For Dragon

Summary: A little dragon who lives alone is lonely and searches for a friend. He finds one but not one you would expect.

My Thoughts: This story is almost like a compilation of a few stories in one book. All about Dragon finding a friend, which he does in a way. A terrible thing happens to his friend and then it in a nice way. I just didn't like that Dragon was so gullible but i guess it was showing that he was young. I don't know...I it thought was alright and I would like to read more from this series of Dragon books. I guess I expected more just not sure what I expected though.

About the Author: Dav Pilkey is probably best know for his children chapter book series Captain Underpants. He lives in Oregon with his wife and dogs. You can also read funny comic of how the idea of Captain Underpants came to be at his website

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Anonymous said...

I was going to say what a sweet book, then I noticed that you have changed your format up! :) Looks like you have been BUSY!!