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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shannon's Review - Rani and the Mermaid Lagoon

Summary: Rani, a water talent faerie, gave up her wings on a quest to save Mother Dove. Now she deals with the consequences of being different from the other faeries. She searches for herself and finds her strengths in the land of Neverland.

My Thoughts: I think we have all had our own times where felt left out or just plain useless. Rani goes on an adventure to find where she fits into the world of the faeries. She wants to feel she can make a difference in Pixie Hollow, but, because she is different from the others, now they only see her differences. In some ways they see her as incapable of using her talent as she always has. Rain comes to understand that her talent is just fine, and she learns to be creative along the way. So on the outside she maybe different from the other faeries, but on the inside she is a stronger faerie.

About the Author: Lisa Papademetriou has written more than 30 children's novels. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and their dog. To find out more about her go to Lisa

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Anonymous said...

I love that book cover! Great review.

Anonymous said...

My daughter has recently became interested in these fairy stories. I think we read this one. There are so many of them.