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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Book Blogs I like to visit...

Are we ready for some book blogging appreciation!?!

Okay so it's Book Bloggers Appreciation Week and I pretty much don't know what is going on...oops. I have just been lazing around the house either sleeping or not reading. Worst of all I have not been visiting my favorite bloggers lately, which is what I am going to share with you my favorite book bloggers.
First here are some book bloggers that I first visited on the road of becoming a blogger.

Becky's Book Reviews - Becky's was actually the first blog I visited because it was the first one to pop up in my Google search for book blogs.

Hidden Side of A Leaf - Dewey and her Weekly Geeks got me really liking the idea of blogging. Hopefully I will get back to being a Weekly Geek more often. (Dewey's site was down when I posted this happens sometime so just try later if the link doesn't work)

Well those are the first that I bookmarked on my blog roll which is on my computer. I have actually tried to add my complete blog roll on Google but it actually confuzzled there system when I get to the end and I lose everything.

And now for some blogs that I visit everyday when I am feeling up to it. My list is long so this isn't all of them maybe one day I will try the blog roll again. :-) I just realized some of these may not be parcipating in the BBAW but they are still book blogs.

J. Kaye's Book Blog - J. Kaye updates quite frequently sometimes more then I am ready for, but I like that!

Literarily - Shana is quite an intellgent blog and write some very intellegents reviews.

Book Adorer Forever Reading - I don't know this bloggers name but I love the books she picks and the layout. She gets interviews with the author for alot of the books she read.

Bookwyrm Chrysalis - I know you can't really tell by the books I have been reading lately but I tend to lean towards the fantasy books. So does this book blogger. :-)

Amor Y Libros - Another fantasy reader.

Fantasy Book Critic - Some good giveaways here.

Here a book blogger that I just started following.

Book Critques - I found Sally through her other blog Smiling Sally. I thought it was her book blog for some reason but I am not sure why. I just found out you have another blog Sally. lol

So these are some of the sites I check out on a daily basis but definately not all of them. There are so many more that I go into blogger over load.

I also wanted to mention if you are following this blog maybe you would like to add yourself as one my follower. Look all the way at the bottom of this page and you can see how you can add yourself as a follower of Confuzzled Books. Followers make Shannon happy :-)


Serena said...

Thanks for posting these. I follow some of these as well.

Anonymous said...

I know...I am such a blabber!

Smilingsal said...

Thanks, Shannon for the nice mention.

Shana said...

Shannon, thank you for your kind words!

I'm very thankful that J. Kaye did her spotlight and pointed me to your blog.

Looking forward to see all the great book recommendations you get tomorrow!