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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Rabbit and The Snowman by Sally O. Lee

Summary: A rabbit and snowman find the comfort of friendship in the winter.

My Thoughts: This is a children’s book for ages 2 – 7. It is a sweet and sad tale of friendship. I think children will like this book especially the younger ones. It’s not sickening sweet and it good for boys and girls. I have to say there is some sadness to it I don’t know why I kind of dwell on the sadness and not how it ended. I think is just the adult in me listening and not the child. If I ask the child in me I get this answer, “Read it again mom.” so I figure that must mean good. The artwork is simple drawn first in pen or pencil with crosshatch detail and then painted in watercolor. I give Ms. Lee credit for the watercolor it’s probably one of the hardest mediums to work in. The watercolor gives it a nice touch. 4 Stars

About the author: Sally O. Lee is the illustrator and the writer of this book. I think she illustrates all of her books. I see at her publication website she has a series of books about a bunny named Lucy which looks cute. She has written and illustrated over 18 books and most have to deal with the struggles of handicapped children.

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