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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How we won a $300 shopping spree from

As requested by Smiling Sally the story of how me and my husband(actually he won I just shared) won $300 Shopping Spree at Zeppy.

The day started at a Book Festival in Philadelphia. There were many author not well known (except for Bernadette Peters) but some interesting books none the less. I picked up a few. There was music and poetry readings. It was one big shindig. I even stopped by Library Thing's table and picked up a book scanner to scan my library. I still haven't used it yet but I think having a barcode scanner is awesome. Near the poetry readings was a booth for a contest to win a shopping spree from Zeppy. We had never heard of them and decided to put our name in just for laughs never figureing we wouldn't win. Many weeks later after we had even forgotten about the contest my husband gets an email that he won a shopping spree. Yay! It was kind of an up and down day the day he found out was also the day he found out he was no longer needed for his second job with Wizard Entertainment. He use to handle the hobby gaming website but it is no more. But winning the shopping spree made the day much happier.

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Smilingsal said...

Amazing! Do you know how many of those things I've filled out? And, I've never won--not once! Okay, now it's official: I'm green.