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Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 3 - Discussion chapter 13 thru 18 of The Host

Again for those of you who have not read The Host by Stephenie Meyer and do not want to be spoiled then don't read below. This is for Becky's Online Reading Group.

Becky Says "It is this section, in my opinion, where the action really starts. Here where readers are most likely to become “hooked” (if they haven’t already). Did this section change your mind at all about the book? I know a *few* of you weren’t hooked yet by day one and two. Were indifferent to the book really…not seeing what ‘the fuss’ was all about."

I was interesting to see what was going to happen after the last chapter where Jeb found Melanie/The Wanderer


I am not sure how I would react if I were Jeb or those with Jeb especially if The Wanderer had mentioned that Melanie still lives within her. I don't know what I would have done. If I would have reacted the same or not... I don't know.


I wondered here if the doctor was going to torture her or just kill her and do an autopsy


I didn't think Jared was really protecting her I thought there was something going on because after hitting her I didn't think Jared thought there was another choice besides killing her.


Finding it hard to believe that Jeb would be so nice but it is a hard decision because the body he is saving use to be all his niece.


Wanderer started talking like Melanie wasn't there this is frustrating I want her to tell them already. If it was me I probably would have blurted it out by now.


So the Seeker is looking for her. Stupid Seeker. I don't like her.

Becky Says "So what do you think of it so far? Is it getting better? Moving faster? What do you think of this underground community? Of Uncle Jeb? Of Jared? Of Ian and Kyle? Does the humans reactions surprise you at all? Think about it. The person you love, the person you know is right there in front of you. But and it’s a big but. They’re now ALIEN. Now OTHER. Now the ENEMY. Could you accept that the person you loved was really gone from that body? Would you be able to kill them? Melanie thinks that if the situations were reversed–if she was still safe, still human, and if it had been Jared or Jamie captured that she would never be able to see them as the enemy, never be able to kill them. Do you think that’s true? I have a feeling she’d definitely never be able to hurt Jamie. He’s like a son to her."

I am more interested again. I am not sure what to think of the underground community. I probably wouldn't be as violent towards the aliens especially if they became someone I knew before but I am not sure which or if there is a right way to be in this situation.

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