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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Host Day 2 - Chapter 7 -12 Discussion

I am really behind on the discussion group I am going to try to catch up this week. This for Becky's Online Reading Group. I will be discussing chapters 7 -12. If you haven't read The Host Yet you may not want to read because there may be spoilers.


Finding that I like the Seeker even less here. She is to demanding and commanding.


Becky Says "What is your thinking? Do these flashbacks work for you? Does the transition from present to past and back again work for you? Do you like the way they flow together? Or not so much? Is there enough distinction so that you know where you are and who you are? "
Yeah the flashbacks don't really work for me I have trouble connecting to the story when it goes to flashback. Even thought they are very personal and sometimes romantic I am not feeling it.


I have problem getting into the budding love of Jared and Melanie especially since now I have read Twilight. The books are just so different and it hard to back forth through the two series as I am doing now.


Becky Says "The decision to go in search of Jared, of Jamie, of her family. It was a bit impulsive. But it wasn’t really that hard for her to make in the end. Melanie and Wanderer are beginning to work as a team for the same goals. Creepy or not so much? "
I did think that is was impulsive but you also knew it was going to happen. I think is creepy they are working together. It takes the whole keep you enemies closer to whole new level. It is good to see that Melanie can make the Wander feel guilt for she and her species have done.


I can't help but wonder who abandoned the home they found... Is it truly abandon?


Becky Says "More wandering, out of food, out of water, seemingly out of luck…but then rescue. Uncle Jeb. We really don’t get much to go on at this point, do we. That is if we stop and don’t read ahead. Will Uncle Jeb prove to be their savior? Or not so much??? After all, Wanderer is the enemy. Melanie may be his niece but she’s been compromised."

Seems a little to good to be true that Uncle Jeb found her/them. But you knew that there was so much story left someone was going to. Little predictable.

Becky Says "So what do you think so far? We’ve definitely shifted locales now. Are you liking it? hating it? Hooked? Not so much?"

I am not liking as much. I think the problem is I put the book down and started Twilight and I am expecting too much from the book because I really liked Twilight. Before when I started it the first time I was enjoying more then I thought I would because I had not read anything by Stephenie Meyer before. So now I am kinda on the fences.

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