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Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Finds

These first two books (Dolphin Song and The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John) are by the same author and looked interesting. I had never heard of the author before. They are children's books.

The Forgotten Truth by Dawn Cook is one I saw today at work. It seems interesting it is about a shapeshifter that gets push 400 years to the future away from her true love. As she fights to get back to her time she also fights with her body as it keeps shapeshifting and she fear she will stay in her beast form.


Anonymous said...

I love the covers on the children's books! Will have to look for them for my son! Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Forgotten Truth is great, but you should start with First Truth. It might not make sense otherwise. :P It's the third of four books. Hope you like it!

MizB said...

sorry that your comment at the Friday Finds post didn't show up 'til today... for whatever reason, it got caught in the sp-m filter. It's up now.

Thanks for playing!


Confuzzled Books said...

Tis okay. Word press just doesn't like me I have problems at other sites too. lol