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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Novel Challenge Mini Challenge - Short Story Review

A Case of Trespass

L. M. Montgomery

Summary: A short fable about honesty and it's rewards.

Review: This is a quaint little story about Dan Phillips a very honest young man who takes good care of his family which include his widowed mother and ailing sister. To take care of his family he fishes for trout in the local pond and sells it. I like the lightness of L.M. Montgomery's descriptions there is something that just flows nicely when you read her work. Only problem I had with the story is I wanted learn more about what was going to happen but maybe then it wouldn't have been a short story.

About the Author: L.M. Montgomery is better known for her Anne of Green Gables series. I read some of the series a long time ago I am due for a reread but reading this short story reminded me of what a good writer she is. Apparently there is a L.M. Montgomery Institute that teaches Ms. Montgomery's many works and about her life.
If you like you can also read the short story here

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