Thursday, October 21, 2021

Shannon's Review - Lost Girls Vol. 1 by Alan Moore

Title: Lost Girls Vol. 1
Series: Lost Girls
Author: Alan Moore
Illustrator/Book Cover Design: Melinda Gebbie
Genre: Fiction, Graphic Novel, Fantasy, 18+, Erotica,
Publisher: Magic Press
Received: Bought
Release Date: January 1995
Pages: 112

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

This 1st volume out of 3, takes 3 literary characters from 3 different children's classics and creates a story for mature adults. We are introduced to Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Wendy (Peter Pan), and Dorothy (Wizard Of Oz) as grown women who find they have a sexual connection and decide to share their first sexual experience with each other which leads to more sexual experience with each other.

I have not read much by Alan Moore before. I have only seen movies of a few of his comics. I know that doesn’t really count because the comics are different and Moore hates most of the way Hollywood treated his stories...or so I have heard. I was interested because of who the characters were. I also thought the cover art was beautiful. Now that I am past the book cover presentation and have read this first volume...well I have to say not impressed.

I feel a lot of the story wasn’t a story and the sex was shocking to be shocking. There is incest, rape, and whatever Dorothy went through. Instead of building on the story, there is more sex in public places. As for the art, it was great sometimes and lacking in others.

I have the other 2 volumes but I do not know if I will read them. I am curious if there is more plot or something more interesting.

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