Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Shannon's Review - Amy Best's Hopper And The Rollercoaster

Title: Amy Best’s Hopper And The Rollercoaster
Series: Hopper & Friends
Author: Amy Best
Illustrator/Book Cover Design: Michael Harris
Genre: Fiction, Series, Animals, Picturebook, Children's
Publisher: The Essential Library
Received: Bought
Release Date: March 2016
Pages: 36

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Hopper the Hare is excited about the new amusement park opening up until he hears about the rollercoaster.

Amusement parks are a blast and it is no question as to why young Hopper is excited about them. It also does not surprise me that he gets nervous about a roller coaster because I feel the same way about coasters. I understood Hopper’s fear and was happy he was able to push through and eventually go to Shannon Squirrel’s birthday party at the amusement park.

What I wish they had not done was make Hopper do something that seems way reckless. Yes, he was helping a friend but Hopper is a child...I think. His friend was also not in a life or death situation. I also would have left that it was still okay for Hopper to be scared of the coaster and not have to go on one.

I enjoy this one it was fun. I felt the excitement of the characters. Maybe that means I have been inside too long. I do miss amusement parks. My rollercoaster days are over because they scare the bejesus out of me. It is fun seeing others have fun. I will be reading more Hopper and Friends books. I am surprised there is no official website.

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