Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Shannon's Review - Little Mouse's Painting by Diane Wolkenstein

Title: Little Mouse’s Paining
Series: None
Author: Diane Wolkstein
Illustrator: Diane Wolkstein
Genre: Fiction, Children’s, Picture Book, Animals, Art
Publisher: HarperCollins
Received: Bought
Release Date: April 1992
Pages: ??

Author Diane Wolkstein Official Websites:

(November 11, 1942 – January 31, 2013)

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Little Mouse is an artist and loves to paint. Three of Mouse’s friends visit and each friend sees something different from the painting Mouse has painted. Each friend sees themselves in the painting although Mouse did not paint the picture with them in mind. The painting becomes special for all four of them for different reasons.

This book has two things that caught my eyes. One it a kid's book which I love. Two it’s got the mouse is an artist and I am an artist. The art for this book is so detailed and story so sweet. I love how each character saw something different in painting.

I have seen some reviews that people did not like there were so many words for a picture book and I will say when I pick it up a glance through I felt the same. Although once I read it, that did not matter. It reads easily and with art so detailed the story should mirror that.

Toddlers will enjoy the book but those starting schools might connect with it more. A beautiful work of art in many ways.

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