Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Shannon's Review - Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stevenson

Title: Treasure Island
Series: N/A
Author: Robert Lewis Stevenson
Genre: Fiction, Classic
Publisher: Public Domain Books(for above edition)
Received: Bought
Release Date: 2006 (for above edition)
Pages: 124

Author Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Official Websites:





Shannon’s Thoughts:

Young Jim Hawkins helps his mother tend to their inn where they see all sorts of unsavory people coming and going.  In particular, the worst is the drunken pirates. After the death of a particularly desired pirate in the inn Jim gets caught up with a secret map leading to treasure. He joins a ship with Captain Smollett and Long John Silver to find the fortune. Unfortunately, all is not what it seems and Jim overhears some shipmates privately plan a mutiny.  

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.  After trying to read another classic (like Moby Dick) I feared this one was going to share the DNF(Did Not Finish) pile.  Or share the pile with most of the classic I read, which is one or two stars out of five. Thankfully this is one I thought was lovely.  Most classics are written differently because they from another time in the world and the way language was written(and maybe said) is just divergent.  I did not remember the many movies that were made of this. Even the muppet one is a blur in my mind. So I was coming at this almost a blank slate. I did catch many references that are now in The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies and Disney ride. It was fun, sometimes a little dark but it was a good voyage.  

As for the downside of Treasure Island...um well it has been a few days since I finished and for the life of me, I can not remember the ending. I feel like maybe the end was abrupt and could have gone on.  Or maybe it is because I have a sequel in my pile that I am looking forward to reading. Of course, the sequel book, Silver by Andrew Motion, is newish it came out in 2013 and not written by Robert Lewis Stevenson because he’s been dead since 1894.

So other than a not so memorable ending.  It was good. Not great good but good. Some lovely descriptive moments. This does make me curious to see the Muppet Treasure Island movie again because remember it being terrible.  Maybe as an adult, I will see it with different eyes like I did the book.

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