Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Shannon's Review - Tomorrow Is Near But Today Is Here by Asaf Rozones

Title: Tomorrow Is Near But Today Is Here
Series: Mindful Mia #2
Author: Asaf Rozanes
Genre: Fiction, Children’s, Picture Book
Publisher: ???
Received: From Author For Review
Release Date:  February 2018
Pages: 16

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Little Mia enjoys playing with friends and enjoying her days but there was a time she could not enjoy them.  Mia use to worry instead of doing the things she liked to do. She worried so much that she missed a day that could have been fun, but because of worry, it was sad and short. Mia soon learns from her Dad that worrying does no good and tomorrow is a new day.

This is a book I could have used as a child.  In fact, I still need it now as a reminder to stop worrying about things I can not change.  The images are cute and Mia seems like a sweet child.

I found only one thing confusing.  There was a sentence or two that duplicate on two pages.   I wasn’t sure if that was on purpose or not. I realize that with children books replicating core thoughts help a child remember or learn but these sentences just felt like a record stuck on repeat.

This Mia series does seem to have wonderful messages of things I do not see often. I could see Mia as cartoon series someday.  She seems to be a little character with a very big heart.

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