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Celebrate Every Day With Books 6/11/2018 - 6/17/2018

Celebrate Every Day With Books 6/11/2018 - 6/17/2018

It seems like everyday has some new theme to celebrate so I thought it might be fun to see what kind of interesting books I can find  (new, old, or coming soon) for an everyday holiday. In fact, most days have more than one holiday!

Just so you know I have not read most of these but the ones I pick seem the most interesting.  You can probably find tons more books for each holiday but I am only going to pick two books for every holiday.

Let me know what you think.  Do any of them seem interesting to you? Is there another book you think would be a better choice?


Making Life Beautiful Day

Title: Unshattered by Carol J. Decker with Stacey L. Nash
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir, Biography
What It Is About?:  More than a story of triumph over tragedy, the book offers inspiring life-lessons and insights which can help readers to do more than endure unimaginable pain and darkness in their own lives. This book can give them the perspective and strength to pick up the pieces of their own tragedies and choose a life of healing, purpose, and joy--a beautiful life.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: The Little Book Of Life Hacks by Yumi Sakugawa
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help,
What It Is About?: The Little Book of Life Hacks offers a wide range of practical advice and fun tips for everything from how to:

- Remove dark circles from under your eyes
- Make cold brew iced coffee at home
- Throw the perfect apartment party on a budget
- Work out at home without a gym membership
- Take the perfect afternoon power nap...and more!

Available: IN STORES NOW!


World Pet Memorial Day

Title: When Your Pet Dies by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph. D.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help, Grieving
What It Is About?: Affirming a pet owner's struggle with grief when his or her pet dies, this book helps mourners understand why their feelings are so strong and help them overcome the loss. Included are practical suggestions for mourning and ideas for remembering and memorializing one's pet.  
Available: IN STORES NOW!

Title: Remembering My Pet by Nechama Liss-Levinson Ph.D. and Rev. Molly Phinney Baskette, MDiv
Genre: Self Help, Children's, Workbook, Grieving
What It Is About?: Honest, caring words and hands-on activities to help kids accept and grow through the loss of a beloved pet.
Available: IN STORES NOW


Sewing Machine Day

Genre: Non-Fiction, Hobbies, Sewing
What It Is About?: For everyone who dreams of sewing but suffers from the common fear of how to use the sewing machine, your worries are over! Thanks to this step-by-step method, illustrated with nearly 200 photos and drawings, you'll painlessly discover all the basic techniques, and even how to sew on a button.
Available:  IN STORES NOW!

Title: The Flying Sewing Machine by Nancy Zieman(illustrated by Philip Ashby)
Genre: Fiction, Children, Picture book
What It Is About?: This delightful children's picture book, written by Nancy Zieman of PBS's Sewing with Nancy, takes kids on a fun and exciting adventure to a magical land where everyone sews.
Available: IN STORES NOW!


Family History Day

Genre: Non-Fiction, Reference, Hobbies, Genealogy
What It Is About?: This unusual book stands out in a crowded field. It provides practical, expert, insider-knowledge. It includes a full guide to current websites. It offers many tips, short-cuts and helps to access the evidence you need. And to understandings of what this means.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Unofficial Guide To Ancestry.Com by Nancy Hendrickson
Genre: Non-Fiction, Reference, Hobbies, Genealogy
What It Is About?: Discover the secrets to success! This book will help you get the most out of your subscription by showing you how to take advantage of what the world's biggest genealogy website has to offer--and how to find answers to your family tree questions within its billions of records and a massive network of family trees.
Available: IN STORES NOW


Smile Power Day

Title: Happiness by Katie Oman
Genre: Self-Help, Personal Growth, Happiness
What It Is About?: If you sometimes feel as though the weight of the world is pressing down on you like a ten-tonne weight. Or the constant stress, anxiety, and fear have become too much to cope with and you've lost your sparkle, then Happiness: Make Your Soul Smile is set to lift you right back up.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Sweet Baby Smiles by Emma Dodd
Genre: Fiction, Board Book, Toddler
What It Is About?: Cuddle up with your child and share this sweet, charming book with peep through shapes for kids to explore. A sweet morning smile starts the day—and Baby finds lots more to smile about in this perfect naptime, bedtime, or anytime book.
Available: IN STORES NOW


Wish Fulfillment Day

Title: The Wishing Well Spell by Holly Anna(illustrated by Genevieve Santos)
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile, Graphic Novel, Fantasy
What It Is About?: Have you ever wished a wish? Do you remember what you wished for? Wait, don’t tell me, because then your wish might not come true. My made a wish once. They threw a coin down a well, but it never came true. At least not until my totally true imaginary friend Posey came along with a special wishing-well spell. And guess what? It wasn’t only their wish that came true. Almost everyone in town had cast wishes down that well. Sounds great, right? Well, maybe not. Let’s just say be careful what you wish for because with Posey around, it might just come true.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Secondhand Wishes by Anna Staniszewski
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile, Fantasy
What It Is About?: Lexi has to keep the universe in balance. If she does enough good things, like being on time, then the bad things, like her little brother needing more surgery, won't happen. It doesn't always work, but she has to keep trying. Just in case. On an extra bad day, Lexi finds a bag of four wishing stones in the antique shop in town and wishes that her BFF Cassa and the new girl would stop talking to each other. That night, Cassa calls Lexi, crying over the end of her friendship with Marina. The wishes work!
Available: JANUARY 9TH 2019


Father’s Day

Title: Being A Dad Is Weird by Ben Falcone
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir, Biography
What It Is About?: A funny and intimate look at fatherhood from the actor and writer/director of The Boss and Tammy that combines stories about his own larger-than-life dad and how his experiences raising two daughters with his wife, Melissa McCarthy, who also penned the Foreword, are shaped by his own childhood.
Available: IN STORES NOW

Title: Daddies Do by Lezlie Evans (illustrated by Elisa Ferro)
Genre:  Fiction, Picture Book, Children’s
What It Is About?: From a tiny mouse to a lion cub, adorable animal children explain why daddies are the BEST!
Available: IN STORES NOW

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