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Friday, May 11, 2018

Shannon's Review - The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Title: The Picture Of Dorian Gray
Series: N/A
Author: Oscar Wilde
Genre: Fiction, Classic, Fantasy
Publisher: Amazon Classics (for above version not original)
Received: bought
Release Date: June 1890
Pages: 252

Author Oscar Wilde’s Official Websites:





Shannon’s Thoughts:

The Picture Of Dorian Gray starts out with the artist who is painting the title character, Dorian Gray. The artist is enthralled with Dorian’s beauty and a sense of innocence. The artist, Basil, introduces Dorian to a friend, Lord Henry, as he sits for the portrait.  Some could say that Lord Henry introduces Dorian to a life of no morals and selfishness. As the lord is the first to mention that the painting will always be a picture of Dorian forever young and the real Dorian will grow old. In a way, this stimulates Dorian to announce his wish to give his soul for the reverse.

This was my second time trying to read TPODG.  The first time I just could not get into it.  This time,  I can not figure out what made me not want to read it.  The story is beautiful. Oscar Wilde’s words paint a portrait of its own. It is written in this mesh of Victorian and Contemporary.  So for me that makes it easier to relate to. The words are not like reading Shakespeare.

I am not good at critiquing books and getting into every metaphor, or meaning behind it all.  When I try that with a book I can’t enjoy it. So I just read, and from the beginning, I could tell this was going to be a new favorite author.  This coming from a reader who is not a fan of many classics...but I keep trying and here I found one I loved.

I bought the book of the complete works of Oscar Wilde and will be next reading The Canterville Ghost.  I can not gush enough how much I loved this book. I am curious now to watch one of the movie version of Dorian Gray because I never have.

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