Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Shannon's Review - The Girls In The Picture by Melanie Benjamin

Title: The Girls In The Picture
Series: N/A
Author: Melanie Benjamin
Genre: Fiction, Historical
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Received: From Publisher For Review
Release Date: January 2018
Pages: 448

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

The Girls In The Picture is Melanie Benjamin’s 5th historical fiction novel. We are introduced to the friendship of Actress Mary Pickford and the screenwriter Frances Marion.  They both have helped grow the Hollywood film industry to what it is now.

There is something about the way author Melanie Benjamin writes.  She captures conversations and scenes, then mixes them with true history.  When combining those things it is hard to believe that the exact conversations and/or character traits she described may not be exactly true. Mrs. Benjamin historical fiction books are hard to believe that they are part fiction.  I fall into every scene believing pretty much everything because it is so realistic.

I had a hard time writing this review.  I finished this book a while ago but did not want to write the review because it kind of marks it as a goodbye to the book. Now it is the long wait for the next book by Melanie Benjamin.  It makes me sad to have to wait. I just adore the people she has introduced me to. The only thing that helps me (at least after this book) is to watch some of Mary Pickford’s and Frances Marion movies. I would read more books about them as well but my TBR pile is insane at moment.

The Girls In The Picture has also come out at the perfect moment especially because of the rise of female empowerment at the moment. Mary and Frances helped create major roles for women in Hollywood.  They ignited the fire that women are still trying to live up to and keep that fire lit.

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