Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Shannon's Review - How Santa Changed by Karl Steam

Title: How Santa Changed
Series: N/A
Author: Karl Steam
Genre: Children, Picture Book, Holiday, Christmas
Publisher: Karl Steam
Received: From Author For Review
Release Date: Nov 2016
Pages: 38

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Before Santa had help with reindeers and elves he made all the toys and traveled on his own. As time went on the world got bigger and santa could not do everything on his own so he searched for help.

The rhyming scheme is excellent and a great story to read out loud. The story really fits into Santa’s background that most of us know. It seems very plausible and shows Santa’s human side. The side that stresses, worries and gets tired.

I think only thing I am not fond of is the title, How Santa Changed. I don't really know what title would be better.  I just felt like the title did not grab me and honestly did not make me want to read it.

Even though my issues with the title are there. I am glad I did read it. It is one of those surprise books that you think you are not going to like but then like it more than you did.

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