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Monday, October 9, 2017

Mystery Book Giveaway- Take a Guess!

Notice this week the book is not signed and has been released in 2016

Now if you haven't seen how I do the mystery giveaway before here's how it starts.
This time around 12pm Est Time I start Tweeting on Twitter @confuzzledbooks
I post a little about the first half of the book's chapter's 
One sentence for each chapter.
HINT: It's Juvenile Fiction 
I will be tweeting about the first 25 chapters.
I try to make it mystery but inviting.

This post is to let you know that I am on twitter now making the tweets. #CBMystGiveaway
You are free to guess here in the comments what the book may be!
You can guess anything this is just for fun! But if you do guess the book you will automatically win it. 

I will announce the Title of the book here at 8pm EST.  In that post you get the chance to win the book.

And yes contest will be international!

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