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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Shannon's Review - Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 : World Of Witchcraft


Title: Scarlet Witch Vol. 2: World Of Witchcraft
Series: Scarlet Witch
Author: James Robinson
Genre: Graphic Novel, Marvel
Publisher: Marvel
Received: Bought
Release Date: January 2017
Pages: 112


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Shannon’s Thoughts:

The second installment into the current story of The Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff. Wanda is still searching for reasons for why magic is broken.  Her search takes her to France and it’s local superhero.

Although the art changes throughout each book in the graphic novel it does not really take away from the story. The most emotional story in this volume is the conversation between Wanda and her brother Pietro aka Quicksilver. I loved their interaction with each other.

What does break the flow of the story is how much time seems to have passed between each book.  In fact the last story in volume 2 kinda threw me because Wanda is not in it but we read about a character she met in the second to last story.

For someone like me who has not read any of the previous story arc of Marvel, like Civil War or House of M.  I feel I am missing some important story lines but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying this series. It only makes we want to go back and read the previous tales.

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