Monday, May 15, 2017

Mumbling Monday - Reading About People You Know IRL

    (image of my actual high school’s sign: credit unknown)

Reading about people or places you actually have known is different than reading about those you do not know.  For one if you are reading a book about your high school drama teacher and the plays he directed you try not to analyze too harshly as you read. You never know who is going to read your review.  I try not to be harsh in my reviews anyway.  I try to give constructive criticism to any review I do.  
As I am reading Drama High by Michael Sokolove some negative feelings from high school do come up but most of that has nothing to do with what I am reading in the book. Just a reminder of the dork I was.

I took drama teacher Lou Volpe’s class twice.  Once in while I was in 8th grade in the summer and the second time in high school my senior year.  The last class probably a good reason I ended up with my husband as he was in that class.   The three years I was in high school I was involved with the musicals we did each year.   I helped paint the set for Once On This Island.  I was in the chorus of Jesus Christ Superstar.  I did make-up for Into The Woods.

So the thing is talking about a book that is about my high school brings up memories. Some of those memories not so great. I mean not many people do have great memories about school. I have had to put the book down many times because my mind keeps drifting to high school and it’s making it hard for me to fall into the book.  I am sure I have had this with other books.

Have you ever started reading a book that reminded you of past memories that you wish to forget?  Or the opposite, memories that make you feel good?

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